Is there nothing left in WordPress to talk about?

Once upon a time there was so much to talk about WordPress that three Podcasts were necessary to cover all the news. This has changed since the beginning of August. Everything is silent, nobody wants to tell me anything:

Name last episode Remark
WordPress Weekly 12. Jul Officially closed
WordPress Podcast 05. Aug
WordCast 06 Aug.

Hey, what’s the matter? No more motivation? No more interesting topics? No more time? No more … ?


Eine Antwort zu „Is there nothing left in WordPress to talk about?“

  1. Hey there. Looks like you were at one time a listener to my show, WordPress Weekly. I have good news for you. The show will be coming back as part of the content I produce for The shows format will most likely be the same except this time, I may have a good co-host to tag along. I’m hoping to relaunch the show in mid to late September if all goes well.

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