The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers

J.A. Areces is back with the sequel of is novel „Interview for a wizard“ called The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers. From the announcement:

The Secret Society of Seven Sorcerers begins where Interview for a Wizard ends. Nicholas Fidgewidge returns to claim Lord Bane’s crystal ball causing Jesse to seek the wizard Ch-U-Ch’s aid. Meanwhile, the remaining sorcerer’s are being scared to death, and with Raven Claw out of jail the chase begins. However, things quickly become very complicated when the wizard’s two teenage boys get involved. On Halloween night, Lord Alex will become the next Dark Sorcerer even if it means destroying everyone who knows of his initiation. Follow the wizard Ch-U-Ch, his cousin Ana and Jesse into the dark world of the Society as they try to prevent Lord Alex from joining the Circle of Seven and achieving a greater goal, to obtain the secret’s of Lord Bane’s crystal ball. On Halloween night, everything must remain a secret at any price.

Really looking forward to the story!



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