Using Komodo’s calltips with WordPress

Can you remember all the function parameters of the various WordPress API/actions and functions? Are you a regular visitor of the Codex for looking up the vaults of the zillion possibilities WordPress is giving you to code your plugins?

Well this will never change, I’m afraid, but you can make your life much easier if you’re coding your plugins with ActiveState’s Komodo Edit because it’s got the facility to extend the standard calltips with your own calltips, in this case the WordPress function calls:

Store the latest WordPress distribution on your machine. You do not need a web server being installed or any other second party software. Simply download the file and extract them into a directory.

Add the directory path to Komodo Edit: Edit/Preferences/Languages/PHP


In this case I inserted <code>z:/www/wp25</code>.

If you now enter a WordPress function (in this example add_action) Komodo will show you some informative inforamtion about it:


Great, that was easy, wasn’t it?


4 Antworten zu „Using Komodo’s calltips with WordPress“

  1. Thank you very much for this! This will help me a lot.

  2. I’m trying to understand this. So, KomodoEdit scans the wordpress directory on a server (could also be a remote directory?) and understands the php functions specific for WordPress?

    What about shortcodes?

    1. The WordPress files need to be available to the filesystem (so you may mount a remote directory usinf the filesystem). The editor will then give you a selection of available functions that match the part you already entered and if you entered the complete function name it will display the phpdoc as illustrated in the post.
      To make a long story short: Komodo will treat the functions of WordPress like any other genuine php function.

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