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WordPress Crazyhorse … no thanks!

Today I took a look and the new proposal for the next WordPress release. And I don’t like it … at all! It looks like the first incarnation of Google Reader and they changed it for good reasons.

(click to enlarge)

The interface looks totally clumsy, like a design from 2006. The left sidebar takes away a lot of the space for the text editor (about 12 columns on my screen). The editor looks somewhat lost inside the two sidebars.

The setting page is somewhat inconsistent. You select the option “Utilities/Settings” in the left sidebar but the next selections have to be made on the top of the window:

(click to enlarge)

The current (v2.5.1) design looks much lighter, much more today. If I want to have a menu structure like in Crazyhorse I better install WordPress Admin bar (which I actually have). Maybe this plugin should make it into the core?

(click to enlarge)


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